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aids in special sizes
aids in special sizes


Selected aids


Barriers in public facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, hotels or spas can, to professionals, clients and patients make life difficult. With customized and secure tools to absenteeism, occupational diseases, accidents avoided and the quality of a house can be improved. We offer as modern, stable and easy to clean, comfortable chairs in the shower or the toilet.


For the home you want to be able to move without assistance as possible in and outside of your own home. No matter what age. This child-friendly and can be scheduled or rebuilt and fits with appropriate tools to be fitted. In Alzheimer's disease and other dementias are proven tools recommended.


Safety and comfort in the bathroom ....


Most accidents in the home occur in bathrooms. Especially for people with limited mobility, can accidentally slipping from the shower and toilet chair with safety belt, safety strap and non-slip padding, can be largely prevented.


The dementia-chair with safety bar

body warm and secure: this is probably crucial
body warm and secure: this is probably crucial


 - Safe stand edge-free body warm hygienic -



Our aids are suitable for hotels, spas, nursing homes, clinics and home

Aids can (care) to be easy, practical, and is safe.

You are here selected remedy for you at home and for homes, hotels, hospitals and spas discover. Help of special plastics are easy to maneuver, primarily edge-free and stable. With the hygiene kit and coupled collectors, station wagons are well suited to deal with MRSA cases.



Our aids are safe for shower, bath and toilet:

Mobile toilet seat raisers

Mobile shower commode chairs





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